Chapter 62

(62.1) Indeed, concerning those things which are appropriate to our worship, and those things useful to virtuous life for those willing to lead their lives piously and righteously, we have written sufficiently to you, men, brethren.

(62.2) For we have touched upon every topic, concerning faith and repentance and genuine love and self-control and moderation and patience, reminding that you must be pleasing to the Almighty God in a holy manner, in righteousness and truth and long-suffering, living in harmony without bearing malice, in love and peace with earnest gentleness, just as our aforementioned Fathers were pleasing, being humble-minded in things toward the Father and Creator and God of all people.

(62.3) And we have reminded of these things quite gladly, since we certainly knew we were writing to faithful and reputable men, and to those who have looked closely into the words of the discipline of God.