Chapter 61

(61.1) Master, You gave the authority of the kingdom to them, through Your magnificent and indescribable power, so that we might know the glory and honor given to them by You, and be subject to them and in no way opposing Your will. Lord, give them health, peace, harmony, and stability so that they faultlessly administer the leadership given them by You.

(61.2) For You, Master, Heavenly King of the Ages, give to the sons of men glory and honor and authority over those who are on the earth. Lord, guide You their will according to what is good and acceptable before you, so that, administering the authority given to them by You in peace and gentleness and piously, they might find You merciful.

(61.3) We profess You are the Only One able to do these things, and are exceedingly good to us, through the High Priest and Defender of our souls, Jesus Christ, through Whom be the glory and the majesty, both now and to the generation of generations, and to the ages of ages, Amen.