Chapter 57

(57.1) Therefore, you who made the foundations of the rebellion, submit yourselves to the elders, and receive discipline toward repentance, "bending the knees of your heart."

(57.2) Learn to subject yourselves, giving up the boastful and arrogant willfulness of your language, for it is better for you to find yourselves small and included in the flock of Christ, than, being superior in reputation, to be driven away from His hope.

(57.3) For thus speaks the most excellent Wisdom, "Behold, I will bring forth to you the speech of my breath, and I will teach you my word.

(57.4) "When I called, you did not listen; I stretched out the words, and you did not pay attention, but you made my plans useless, and you disbelieved my corrections. For that reason, I too will laugh at your destruction, and I will rejoice when ruin comes to you, and when turmoil suddenly reaches you, and catastrophe passes by like a storm, or when trouble and siege come to you.

(57.5) "For it will happen that when you call me, I will not listen to you. The wicked will seek me and not find, for they hated wisdom, and did not choose the fear of the Lord, nor did they pay attention to my plans, but despised my corrections.

(57.6) "For this reason, they will eat the fruits of their own way, and be filled with their own ungodliness.

(57.7) "For in return for what unrighteousness they did to infants, they will be killed, and an inquiry will destroy the impious. But he who hears me will live, trusting in hope, and live quietly, in no fear from any evil."