Chapter 56

(56.1) So, let us also intercede for those who are in any transgression, so that gentleness and humble-mindedness may be given to them, for them to yield, not to us, but rather to the will of God. For in this way, there will be a fruitful and perfect remembrance of them with compassion before God and the saints.

(56.2) Beloved, let us receive discipline, on account of which no one should be angry. The warnings we make toward one another are good and immeasurably profitable, for they join us to the will of God.

(56.3) For thus says the Holy Word, "The Lord has certainly disciplined me, and has not handed me over to death.

(56.4) "For who the Lord loves, he disciplines, and He whips every son he receives."

(56.5) For it says, "The Righteous One will discipline me in mercy, and correct me; but do not let the oil of sinners anoint my head."

(56.6) And again it says, "Blessed is the person the Lord corrects, and do not reject the warning of the Almighty. For He causes pain, and restores again to health.

(56.7) "He wounds, and His hands heal.

(56.8) "From six calamities He will deliver you, and in the eighth evil will not touch you.

(56.9) "In hunger, He will rescue you from death; and in war he will loosen you from the hand of the sword.

(56.10) "And from the whip of the tongue He will hide you, and you will not fear when evils approach.

(56.11) "You will laugh at the unrighteous and the lawless, and of the beasts of the fields you will not be afraid.

(56.12) "For the beasts of the fields will be at peace with you.

(56.13) "Then you will know that your house will live in peace, and the dwelling-place of your tent will not fail.

(56.14) "And you will know that your seed will be many, and your children like the plants covering the field.

(56.15) "And you will come to your grave like ripe wheat, reaped in its season, or like a heap on a threshing-floor, gathered in its hour."

(56.16) Beloved, you see how there is protection for those being disciplined by the Master, for He is a good Father Who disciplines in order that we may be shown mercy because of His holy discipline.