Chapter 47

(47.1) Take up the epistle of the blessed Paul, the Apostle.

(47.2) What did he first write to you in the beginning of the good news?

(47.3) In truth, he Spiritually instructed you by letter about himself and also Kephas, and also Apollos, because even then preferences had been established among you.

(47.4) But that preference brought less sin to you. For you preferred apostles borne witness of, and men appointed by them.

(47.5) But now observe those who have misled you and lessened your notable and well-known brotherly love.

(47.6) Brethren it is shameful, indeed exceedingly shameful and unworthy of a way of life in Christ for it to be heard of the strong and ancient Church of the Corinthians, that, because of one or two people, it rebels against the elders.

(47.7) And this has reached not only our own hearing, but also to those who are inclined against us, so that even blasphemy is brought upon the name of the Lord through your own mindlessness, in addition to causing danger.