Chapter 43

(43.1) And how wonderful that those in Christ, having been entrusted with such a work by God, appointed the aforementioned.

(43.2) For when that jealously fell out concerning the priesthood, and the tribes, rebelling as to which might be adorned with that glorious name, he commanded the twelve tribal leaders to bring to him rods, each inscribed with the name of a tribe. And having taken them, he bound and sealed them with the rings of the tribal leaders, and laid them down in the Tent of Meeting, by the table of God.

(43.3) And having locked the Tent, he sealed the keys in similar manner to the rods.

(43.4) And he said to them, "Men, brethren, whichever tribe whose rod may have sprouted, God has chosen to be priests and to minister to Him."

(43.5) When it was morning, he called together all Israel, six hundred thousands, and pointed out the seals of the tribal leaders. Then he opened the Tent of Witness, and brought out the rods. And it was found that the rod of Aaron, having not only blossomed, indeed even bore fruit.

(43.6) What do you think, beloved? Did not Moses previously know this would happen? Certainly he would have known. But in order that there be no disorder in Israel, he did it this way, so that the Name might be glorified of the true and only God, to whom be glory to the ages of ages, Amen.