Chapter 40

(40.1) Therefore, these things being evident to us, looking closely into the depths of divine knowledge, we ought to do all things in order, as the Master has commanded us to complete at appointed times.

(40.2) He has commanded offerings and ministries to be completed, and not rashly or disorderly, but at designated times and hours.

(40.3) Where and by whom He wants these things completed, He Himself has designated in His supreme will, so that all things, being done in a holy manner, might be acceptable in approval to His will.

(40.4) Therefore, those who at the appointed times make their offerings are acceptable and even blessed. For those following the laws of the Master are not great sinners.

(40.5) For particular ministries are given to the High Priest, and a particular place is prescribed for the priests, and particular services are imposed upon the Levites. The lay person is bound by the commandments for laypeople.