Chapter 39

(39.1) The foolish and senseless and stupid and uneducated mock and deride us, wanting to lift themselves up in their understanding.

(39.2) For what can a mortal do? Or of what strength is the earthborn?

(39.3) For it is written, "There was no form before my eyes, but I heard a breeze and a voice.

(39.4) "What then? Shall a mortal be clean before the Lord, or a man faultless in his works, if he does not trust His servants, and attributes something crooked to His angels?

(39.5) "For heaven is not clean before Him, much less those inhabiting houses of clay, from which same clay we are made. He struck them like a moth. And from morning until evening they still are not. Because they could not help themselves, they perished.

(39.6) "He breathed upon them and they died, because they have no wisdom.

(39.7) "But call out, if anyone will hear you, or if you will look to the holy angels. For wrath also destroys the foolish, and jealousy puts the deceived to death.

(39.8) "For I have seen the foolish taking root, but immediately their dwelling-place was consumed.

(39.9) "Let their sons be far from salvation. May they be despised at the gates of inferiors, and may there be no rescuer. For what was prepared for them, the righteous will eat, and they will not be rescued from evils."