Chapter 37

(37.1) So, men, brethren, let us with all earnestness do battle by His blameless commandments.

(37.2) Let us think about those doing battle under our Leaders, how orderly, how obediently, how submissively they accomplish their orders.

(37.3) Not all are commanding officers2, or commanders of a thousand3, or commanders of a hundred4, or commanders of fifty, and so on, but each one accomplishes in his own rank the orders of the king and the leaders.

(37.4) The great cannot exist without the small, nor the small without the great. There is a certain mixing together in all things, and usefulness in such.

(37.5) Let us take our body. The head without the feet is not anything, neither are the feet without the head. For the most insignificant parts of our body are necessary and useful to the whole of the body. But all work together and employ a single state of submission in order to keep the whole body safe.


2. or "eparchs"
3. or "chiliarchs"
4. or "centurions"