Chapter 34

(34.1) The good worker receives the bread of his work with confidence. The lazy and neglectful one cannot look his employer in the eye.

(34.2) Therefore, it is necessary for us to be eager in doing good, for from Him are all things.

(34.3) He tells us already, "Behold the Lord, and His reward is before His face, to give to each one according to his work."

(34.4) Therefore, He encourages us, believing in Him with all our heart, not to be lazy or neglectful in any good work.

(34.5) Let our boasting and confidence be in Him, subjecting ourselves to His will. Let us contemplate the whole multitude of His angels, how they have stood by, ministering to His will.

(34.6) For the Scripture says, "Ten-thousands of ten-thousands stood by Him, and thousands of thousands ministered to Him, and they cried out, 'Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of Hosts, all creation is full of His glory!'"

(34.7) And so let us gather together in harmony, in conscience, calling out fervently to Him as from one mouth, so that we might become partakers in His great and glorious promises.

(34.8) For it says, "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has entered the heart of a person, what the Lord has prepared for those awaiting Him."