Chapter 33

(33.1) What, then, should we do, brethren? Become idle in doing good, and abandon love? May the Master never permit this to happen with us. Rather let us hurry with earnestness and eagerness to accomplish every good work.

(33.2) For the Creator and Master of everything rejoices in His works.

(33.3) For in His infinitely great power he established the heavens, and in His incomprehensible understanding He set them in order. He separated the earth from the water surrounding it, and fixed the firm foundation upon His own will. And by His command He ordered the animals wandering in it to be. Having previously created the sea and the animals in it, he enclosed them by His power.

(33.4) Above all, by His holy and blameless hands He formed, certainly by far the greatest of His plan, man, the exact representation of His image.

(33.5) For thus says God, "Let us make man in Our image, and according to Our likeness. And God made man. Male and female He made them."

(33.6) Having finished all these things, He praised and blessed them, and said, "Increase and multiply."

(33.7) Let us notice that all the righteous were adorned with good works, and even the Lord, adorning Himself in good works, rejoiced.

(33.8) Therefore, having such a model, let us without hesitation agree with His will; let us work at the work of righteousness with all our strength.