Chapter 30

(30.1) Therefore, being the holy portion, let us do all the things of holiness, fleeing slander, and foul and impure intimacies, and drunkenness, and innovation, and abominable desires, defiling adultery, (and) abominable pride.

(30.2) For it says, "God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble."

(30.3) So let us stick with those to whom grace has been given by God. Let us clothe ourselves with harmony, humble-mindedness, being self-controlled, far from all gossip and slander, being justified by deeds we are doing, not words.

(30.4) For it says, "He who speaks much will also hear in return. Or does the glib speaker suppose he is righteous?

(30.5) "Blessed is the one born of a woman, shortlived; do not be given much to spoken words."

(30.6) Let our praise be in God, and not from ourselves, for God hates self-praisers.

(30.7) Let the witness of our good deeds be given by others, as it was given for our righteous fathers.

(30.8) Arrogance and selfishness and audacity are of those cursed by God; kindness and humble-mindedness and gentleness are with those blessed by God.