Chapter 20

(20.1) At His direction, the heavens are shaken, being subject to Him in peace.

(20.2) Day and night finish the course appointed by Him, not impeding one another.

(20.3) According to His direction, sun and moon, and the dancing groups of stars roll on through their appointed courses in harmony, without any deviation.

(20.4) According to His will, the fruitful earth, at the appropriate time, raises up abundant food for people and animals, for all living beings upon it, neither dissenting nor changing anything decreed by Him.

(20.5) The unsearchable abyss and the indescribable lower regions are bound by the same laws.

(20.6) The hollow of the boundless sea, brought according to His creative work into its gathering places, never goes beyond its limiting barriers, but rather does as He commanded.

(20.7) For He said, "You will come to here, and your waves will be broken in you."

(20.8) The ocean, limitless to people, and the worlds beyond it, are regulated by the same decrees of the Master.

(20.9) The seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter give way to one another in peace.

(20.10) The stations of the wind perform their service at the appropriate times without disturbance, and the perennial springs, having been created for enjoyment and health, without fail present their breasts for the life of people. The smallest of living things have their relations in harmony and peace.

(20.11) All these things the great Creator and Master of all has ordered in peace and harmony, to be doing good to all, and immeasurably for us, who have fled to His compassion, through our Lord Jesus Christ,

(20.12) to Whom be glory and majesty to the ages of ages, Amen.