Chapter 17

(17.1) Let us be imitators of those who in the skins of goats and sheep went about proclaiming the coming of Christ. For we speak of the prophets Elijah and Elishah, and also of Ezekiel, and along with these, those who have borne witness.

(17.2) Abraham bore great witness, and was called Friend of God. And he said, looking intently to the glory of God, being humble-minded, "I am but earth and ashes."

(17.3) Further, it is written thus of Job, "For Job was righteous and blameless, true, God-worshipping, keeping away from all evil"

(17.4) but bringing accusation against himself, saying, "No one is clean of dirt, not even if his life is a single day."

(17.5) Moses was called "faithful in all his house" and through his service, God judged Egypt through the plagues and their torments. Yet even he, greatly honored, did not boast, but when the oracle was given to him from out of the thornbush, he said, "Who am I that you send me? I am but weak-voiced and slow-tongued."

(17.6) And again he said, "I am but steam from a pot."