Chapter 15

(15.1) So let us associate with those who live in peace with godliness, and not with those who hypocritically desire peace.

(15.2) For it says somewhere, "This people honors me with the lips, but their hearts have departed far from me."

(15.3) And again, "With their mouth they bless, but curse with their heart."

(15.4) And again it says, "They loved him with their mouth, and their tongue told him lies, and their heart was not upright with him, nor did they believe in his covenant."

(15.5) Therefore, "let the deceitful lips that are speaking against the righteous become speechless;" and again, "Let the Lord destroy all the deceitful lips, and the boastful tongue of those who said, We will magnify our tongue; our lips are our own; who is our lord?

(15.6) "Because of the distress of the poor, and the groan of the needy, I will now arise, says the Lord; I will place (him) in safety.

(15.7) I will deal boldly with him."