Chapter 5

(5.1) But so that we might leave the ancient examples, let us rather come to those more recently living (spiritual) contenders; let us take up the noble examples of our own generation.

(5.2) Because of envy and jealousy the greatest and most righteous pillars were persecuted, and competed until death.

(5.3) Let us put before our eyes the good apostles.

(5.4) Peter, who because of unrighteous envy endured afflictions neither once nor twice, but many times, having thus been martyred, proceeded to the promised place of glory.

(5.5) Because of envy and strife, Paul directed attention to the prize of endurance.

(5.6) Seven times wearing bonds, being banished, being stoned, being a herald in the east and in the west, he received illustrious fame for his faith.

(5.7) Having taught righteousness to the whole world, and having come to the extreme limits of the west, and having been martyred by the rulers, he was thus released from the world and taken up into the holy place, being a magnificent example of patience.