Chapter 4

(4.1) For as it is written, "And it happened after some days, that Kain brought a sacrifice to God from the fruits of the earth, and Abel also brought (a sacrifice), from the firstborn of the flocks, and from their fat.

(4.2) "And God looked with favor on Abel and on his gifts; He did not look with favor on Kain and on his sacrifices.

(4.3) "And Kain was greatly grieved and his face fell.

(4.4) "And God said to Kain, 'Why are you sad, and why has your face fallen? If you offered rightly, but did not divide rightly, have you not sinned?

(4.5) "'Be quiet. To you is its return, and you will rule it.'

(4.6) "And Kain said to his brother Abel, 'Let's go to the field.' And it happened that when they were in the field, Kain rose against Abel his brother and killed him."

(4.7) You see, brethren? Envy and jealousy bring about fratricide.

(4.8) Because of envy our father Jacob fled from the face of Esau his brother.

(4.9) Envy made Joseph persecuted nearly to death, up to entering slavery.

(4.10) Envy forced Moses to flee from the face of Pharaoh, king of Egypt, at his hearing from his tribesmen, "Who made you a judge or ruler over us? Will you murder me in the way you murdered the Egyptian yesterday?"

(4.11) Because of envy, Aaron and Miriam stayed outside the camp.

(4.12) Envy brought down Dathan and Abiram alive into Hades through their rebellion against the servant of God, Moses.

(4.13) Because of envy, David earned the hatred not only of foreigners, but was even persecuted by Saul, King of Israel.