Chapter 1

(1.1) The Church of God sojourning at Rome, to the Church of God sojourning at Corinth,those called and made holy through the will of God, through our Lord Jesus Christ. Grace and peace to you be multiplied from Almighty God through Jesus Christ.

Dearest brethren, because of the recent and many disastrous events which have happened to us, we feel we have been somewhat tardy in shifting our attention to the points regarding which you consulted us. This is especially the case regarding that shameless and despicable rebellion, utterly abhorrent to the chosen of God, which some few impetuous and arrogant persons have stirred up into such a frenzy that your venerable and illustrious name, worthy of the love of all, is now instead cursed.

(1.2) For who has lived even for only a short time among you that didn't find your faith to be as fruitful in virtue as when it was first established? Who has not admired the prudence and gentleness of your piety in Christ? Who has not wondered at your usual magnificent hospitality? And who has not rejoiced over your perfect and secure knowledge?

(1.3) For you did all things impartially, and proceeded in the laws of God, obedient to your rulers, and showing proper respect for the elders (presbyters) among you. You encouraged your young men toward self-restraint and dignity. You taught your women (wives) to do all things blamelessly, dignified, and in pure conscience, having appropriate affection for their men (husbands), living in the rule of obedience. You taught them to manage household possessions honorably, in all prudence.