Chapter 63

(63.1) Therefore, it is right, having come upon so many and such examples, to lay down the neck, and fulfill the place of obedience, so that having quieted the foolish rebellions, we may arrive at the goal set before us in truth, without any fault.

(63.2) For you will cause us joy and exultation if, becoming obedient to the things written by us, you cut off through the Holy Spirit the forbidden anger of your jealousy, according to the intercession which we have made for peace and harmony in this letter.

(63.3) For we have sent faithful and prudent men who have conducted themselves among us blamelessly from youth to old age, who also shall be witnesses between you and us.

(63.4) And we have done this so that you know that all our concern both has been and is for you to live in peace immediately.