Chapter 60

(60.1) For You, through your good works, have revealed the eternal nature of the world. Lord, You created the inhabited world: Faithful in all generations, Righteous in judgments, Wonderful in strength and majesty, Wise in creating and Intelligent in establishing what exists, Good in what is seen, and Useful to those who trust in You, Merciful and Kind. Forgive us our lawless and unrighteous deeds, and our transgressions and errors.

(60.2) Do not count every sin of Your slaves and slavegirls, but cleanse us with the cleansing of Your truth, and "guide our steps to proceed in holiness of heart," and "to do what is good and acceptable before You" and before our rulers.

(60.3) Yes, Master, show Your face to us for good things and peace, to cover us with Your mighty hand, and to be rescued from every sin by Your uplifted arm, and rescue us from those unrighteous ones who hate us.

(60.4) Give to us harmony and peace, and to all those dwelling on the earth, just as you gave to our Fathers who called upon You in a holy manner in faith and truth, being obedient to Your Almighty and Glorious Name; and to our rulers and leaders on the earth.