Chapter 59

(59.1) But if anyone disobeys those things spoken by Him through us, let them know that they involve themselves in falling away, and not a little danger.

(59.2) But we will be innocent of this sin, and ask in earnest request, and make supplication, so that He, the Creator of all, might protect unbroken the counted number of His chosen ones in all of the world, through His beloved Son Jesus Christ, through whom He called us from darkness into light, from ignorance into knowledge of the glory of His Name.

(59.3) Grant us, Lord, to hope in the Author of all creation,Your Name opening the eyes of our heart, in order to know You alone: "resting in the Height among Heights, the Holy among Holies," "humbling the hubris of the proud," "the Breaker of the reasoning of the nations," "lifting high the humble" and "humbling the high," "making rich and making poor," "killing and making alive," the only Discoverer of spirits and God of all flesh, "looking into the depths," the Observer of human works, the Helper of the endangered, the Savior of the despairing, the Creator and Overseer5 of every spirit, multiplying the nations upon the earth, choosing from all those who love You through Jesus Christ Your beloved Child, through Whom You have disciplined, sanctified, and honored us.

(59.4) Master, we say you are worthy to be "our Helper and Protector." Save those of us in trouble. Have mercy on the humble. Wake up the fallen. Appear to the praying. Heal the sick. Turn back those led astray of the people. Fill the hungering. Release our prisoners. Lift up the ill. Encourage the weak of spirit. "Let all the nations know that You alone are God," and Jesus Christ is Your Child, and we are Your people and the sheep of Your pasture.


5. Gr. episkopon