Chapter 55

(55.1) And now to produce some examples from the Gentiles: many kings and leaders, when some pestilential time is occurring, follow an oracular response given to them, in order to rescue the blood of their own citizens. Many have departed from their own cities, so that they might not be rebelling any more.

(55.2) We understand that many of us have handed themselves over to bonds so that others will be freed. Many have handed themselves over to slavery, and having taken their price, they fed others.

(55.3) Many women, empowered by the grace of God, accomplished many manly deeds.

(55.4) The blessed Judith, when her city was being besieged, asked from the elders for her to be permitted to go out into the camp of the foreigners.

(55.5) So, handing herself over to danger, she went out through love of her homeland and of the people in the siege. And the Lord handed over Olophernes into the hands of a woman.

(55.6) And no less, Esther, perfect according to faith, exposed herself to danger in order to rescue the nation of Israel from coming to be destroyed. For through her fasting and humbleness, she requested the all-seeing Master of the Ages, Who, having seen the humility of her soul, rescued the people for whose sake she was in danger.