Chapter 51

(51.1) So, however we have gone astray, and whatever we have done through the insidious plot of the Adversary, let us ask that we be forgiven. And whoever those leaders of the factions and dissensions have been ought to look to the common hope.

(51.2) For those who conduct their lives with fear and love would rather fall into tortures themselves than their neighbors. They would rather bear their own condemnation than that of the harmony well and righteously handed down to us.

(51.3) It is better for a person to confess his transgressions, rather than to harden his heart, as those rebelling against the servant of God, Moses, hardened their hearts, whose judgment was evident.

(51.4) For they went down living into Hades, and Death swallowed them.

(51.5) Pharaoh and his army and all the leaders of Egypt, and the chariots and their drivers, not for any other reason, were sunk in the Red Sea, and perished, because of hardening their senseless hearts, after the signs and portents happened in Egypt through the servant of God, Moses.