Chapter 48

(48.1) So, let us remove this in haste and fall at the feet of the Master, and let us weep, beseeching Him that He might, being merciful, be reconciled to us, and restore to us our honorable, pure way of life of brotherly love.

(48.2) For this gate of righteousness is opened to life, as it is written, "Open to me the gates of righteousness so I may enter them; I will praise the Lord."

(48.3) This is the gate of the Lord. The righteous will enter by it.

(48.4) So, though many gates are open, this one of righteousness is the one in Christ in which the blessed, all having entered and having directed their journey in holiness and righteousness, are finishing everything without disturbance.

(48.5) Let one be faithful. Let him be powerful to express knowledge. Let him be wise in discerning words. Let him be pure in works.

(48.6) For however great he may seem to be, one must be humble-minded, and seek the common good of all, and not just his own.