Chapter 45

(45.1) You are quarrelsome, brothers, and zealots about things unrelated to salvation.

(45.2) Look closely into the Holy Scriptures, which are truly of the Holy Spirit.

(45.3) Understand that nothing unrighteous or misleading has been written in them. You will not find the righteous thrown out by holy men.

(45.4) The righteous were persecuted, but by the lawless. They were imprisoned, but by the unholy; stoned by lawbreakers; slain by the wretched, and those bearing unrighteous jealousy.

(45.5) Undergoing punishment, they gloriously endured these things.

(45.6) What should we say, brethren? Was Daniel thrown into the den of lions by those fearing God?

(45.7) Were Ananias and Azarias and Misael enclosed in the furnace of fire by worshippers of the magnificent and glorious religion of the Most High? Certainly not! So who did such things? The hateful, and those full of every evil, carried their rebellion to such a fury that they inflicted torture on those who in holy and blameless purpose subjected themselves to God, not knowing that the Most High is a Champion and Defender of those who in clean conscience serve the excellent name of Him to whom be glory to the ages of ages, Amen.

(45.8) But those who endure have inherited glory and honor, having been exalted and having been inscribed by God in His memory to the ages of ages, Amen.