Chapter 44

(44.1) And our apostles knew through our Lord Jesus Christ that there would be strife about the name of the office of bishop.

(44.2) So, for this reason, having received perfect foreknowledge, they appointed the aforementioned, and afterward set a rule, that whenever they may have fallen asleep, other approved men would receive their ministry.

(44.3) Therefore, those having been appointed by them, or afterward by other reputable men, are approved by the whole Church. And having ministered blamelessly to the flock of Christ with humble-mindedness, quietly and unselfishly having been borne witness of many times by everyone, we think these men cannot be righteously thrown out of the ministry.

(44.4) For our sin will not be small if those who have been blamelessly and in a holy manner presenting the gifts of the office of bishop are thrown out.

(44.5) Blessed are the elders who, having gone on before, have had a fruitful and perfect departure, for they are not concerned that someone might depose them from their appointed seating place.

(44.6) For we see that you have removed some who have been conducting themselves well from the ministry blamelessly honored by them.