Chapter 35

(35.1) Beloved, how blessed and wonderful are the gifts of God!

(35.2) Life in immortality, shining in righteousness, truth in confidence, faith in trust, self-control in holiness, and all these fall within our understanding.

(35.3) What then, therefore, are being prepared for those waiting? The Creator and Father of Ages, the All-Holy, alone knows their number and their beauty.

(35.4) So let us contend to be found among the number of those waiting, in order to receive the promised gifts.

(35.5) How will this be done, beloved? If our understanding is faithfully established toward God, if we seek out things pleasing and acceptable to Him, if we accomplish what is appropriate to His blameless will, and we follow the way of truth, throwing overboard from ourselves every unrighteousness and wickedness, greediness, strife, malice, and also deceit, gossipings, and also slander, hatred of God, arrogance, and also pretension, empty glory, and also inhospitality.

(35.6) Those who do these things are despicable to God; not only those who do them, but also those who approve of them.

(35.7) For the Scripture says, "But to the sinner God said, 'Why do you describe my commandments, and take up my covenant in your mouth?

(35.8) "For you hated discipline and have thrown my words behind you. If you saw a thief, you ran with him, and placed your portion with the adulterers. You mouth has increased in evil, and your tongue has curled around deceit. Sitting, you slandered your brother. You placed a stumbling-block before your mother's son.

(35.9) "You have done these things, and I was silent. Lawless one, you thought I might be like you.

(35.10) "I will expose you, and stand you before your own face.

(35.11) "So understand these things, you who neglect God, lest He drag you off like a lion, and there be no rescuer.

(35.12) "The sacrifice of praise glorifies Me, and a way is there that I will show to him the salvation of God."