Chapter 32

(32.1) If someone will sincerely think about each one, he will understand the greatness of the gifts which were given by Him.

(32.2) For from him are the priests and all the Levites which minister at the altar of God. From him is the Lord Jesus, according to the flesh. From him are kings and rulers and leaders of Judah, and the rest of his tribes (scepters) are not of little glory, as promised by God, that "Your seed will be like the stars of heaven."

(32.3) So, all these were glorified and magnified, not by themselves, or their works, or for the righteous work they achieved, but rather through His will.

(32.4) So, we also, having been called by His will in Christ, are not justified by ourselves, nor through our own wisdom or intelligence or godliness or works which we have produced in holiness of heart, but rather through the faith by which since the world began the Almighty God has justified all things, to whom be glory to the ages of ages, Amen.