Chapter 25

(25.1) Let us see that strange sign happening in the eastern regions, that is, those around Arabia.

(25.2) For there is a bird called phoenix. This is the only existing one, living five hundred years. And now when it has come to the dissolution of its dying, it makes itself a nest of frankincense and myrrh and the rest of the spices, into which it enters in the fullness of time, and dies.

(25.3) And the decaying of the flesh produces a worm, which, nourished by the juices of the dead animal, grows wings. Then, when it has grown strong, it takes over that nest where the bones of the predecessor are, and, picking these up, continues from the Arabian region as far as Egypt, to the so-called Heliopolis.

(25.4) And in daytime, in the seeing of all, it lands on the altar of the sun, placing them there, it starts back.

(25.5) Then the priests examine the records of times, and find that it fulfilled five hundred years in coming.