Chapter 23

(23.1) The Father, merciful and compassionate to all, has compassion for those fearing Him, gently and kindly giving out His gifts of grace1 to those approaching Him with a single mind.

(23.2) Therefore let us not be double-minded, nor let our soul entertain strange notions about His extraordinary and glorious gifts.

(23.3) Far be that Scripture from us, where it says, "Wretched are the double-minded, the doubters of soul, who say, 'These things were even heard by our fathers, and behold, we have grown old and none of them have happened to us.'

(23.4) "You mindless ones! Compare yourselves to a tree; take the vine. Indeed, first it sheds leaves, then a bud is produced, then a leaf, then a flower, and after these, an unripe grape, becoming then a bunch of grapes." See in how short a time has come the fruit of the tree to ripeness.

(23.5) In truth, quickly and suddenly will His will be accomplished, as the Scripture also bears witness that He will come quickly and will not delay, and "Suddenly will the Lord come to His temple, even the Holy One, for Whom you wait."


1. lit., "His graces"