Chapter 21

(21.1) Beloved, see to it that His many good works may not become judgments to us, if we don't conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of Him. Let us in harmony do good and pleasing things before Him.

(21.2) For it says somewhere, "The Spirit of the Lord is a lamp searching the hidden parts of the belly."

(21.3) Let us note how near He is, and that neither our thoughts nor the decisions we make escape His notice.

(21.4) Therefore it is right for us not to abandon His will.

(21.5) Rather than God, let us reject those unwise and mindless people, arrogant and boasting in the pretension of their words.

(21.6) Let us revere the Lord Jesus Christ, Whose blood was given because of us; let us respect those who lead before us; let us esteem our elders; let us instruct our young men in training of the fear of God; let us lead our women (wives) to what is good.

(21.7) Let them (the women/wives) demonstrate the love-worthy habit of purity; let them display their pure intention for gentleness; let them make plain the gentleness of their language through silence; let them show their love not in partiality, but rather equally to all who fear God in a holy manner.

(21.8) Let our children partake of training in Christ; let them learn how humble-mindedness prevails with God, how pure love prevails with God, how the fear of Him is good and great, and saves all those who in a holy manner conduct themselves in it with a pure mind.

(21.9) For He is the Examiner of thoughts and desires, Whose breath is in us, and when He wills, He will take it away.