Chapter 14

(14.1) Therefore, men, brethren, it is right and holy to be obedient to God rather than to follow those leaders in pretension and disturbance of detestable envy.

(14.2) For it is not the gain of a small injury, but rather great danger we will suffer if we recklessly give ourselves to the intentions of these men who aim at strife and rebellion, in order to alienate us from having good health.

(14.3) Let us be kind to one another, according to the kindheartedness and sweetness of our Maker.

(14.4) For it is written, "The kind will inhabit the earth, and the innocent will be left upon it, but the lawless shall be uprooted from it."

(14.5) And again, it says, "I saw the impious being raised high and being exalted like the cedars of Lebanon; and I passed by and behold, he was not; and I searched for his place but did not find it. Guard innocence and look on uprightness, for there will be a remnant for the peaceful man.