Chapter 12

(12.1) Because of faith and hospitality, Rahab the prostitute was saved.

(12.2) When the spies were sent out by Joshua son of Nun to Jericho, the king of that land knew that they had come to spy on his country, and sent out men to catch them, so that having been caught, they'd be put to death.

(12.3) But hospitable Rahab welcomed them, hiding them on the roof, under stalks of flax.

(12.4) When those from the king arrived and said "Those spying on our land came to you; bring them out, for so orders the king," she replied, "The men whom you seek certainly came in to me, but immediately left and are gone on their way," pointing them in the opposite direction.

(12.5) And she said to the men, "I certainly know that the Lord God has given this land to you, for the fear and the dread of you is fallen upon all its inhabitants. When, therefore, you have taken it for yourselves, save me and the house of my father.

(12.6) And they said to her, "It will be as you have spoken to us. Therefore, as soon as you know we are coming, gather all of your (family) under your roof; for as many as are found outside the house will perish."

(12.7) And they also gave her a sign, that she would hang outside her house some scarlet, making it evident that through the blood of the Lord is redemption for all who have faith in and put their hope in God.

(12.8) Notice, beloved ones, that there was not only faith, but also prophecy in this woman.