Chapter 7

(7.1) Beloved, we write not only admonishing you, but also reminding ourselves, for we are in the same arena and the same contest is imposed on us.

(7.2) Therefore, let us leave behind the empty and worthless concerns, and approach the renowned and honorable rule (canon) of our tradition.

(7.3) And let us look to what is good, and what is pleasing, and what is acceptable before our Maker.

(7.4) Let us look to the blood of Christ, which is precious to His Father, which, having been poured out for our salvation, has made available to the whole world the abundance of repentance.

(7.5) Let us go through every generation and observe that, from generation to generation, the Master has granted a place of repentance to those who would turn to Him.

(7.6) Noah preached repentance, and those who listened were saved.

(7.7) Jonah preached destruction to the Ninevites, but they, having repented of their sins, appeased God by supplication, and received salvation, even though they were foreigners to God.