Chapter 3

(3.1) Every honor and growth was granted to you, and it was fulfilled what was written, "My beloved ate and drank and grew and became fat and kicked."

(3.2) From this came jealousy and envy, and discord and rebellion, persecution and disorder, battle and captivity.

(3.3) Thus were aroused the dishonorable against the honorable, the inglorious against the glorious, the imprudent against the prudent, the young against the old.

(3.4) For this, righteousness and peace have gone far from you, in that each of you has left behind the fear of God, and become dim in faith in Him, neither proceeding in the laws, His commandments, nor conducting oneself according to what is proper to Christ. Rather, each walks according to the desire of his heart, taking up wicked envy, unjust and impious, through which death entered into this world.