Chapter 2

(2.1) In everything you were humble rather than boasting, subjecting yourselves rather than subjecting others, gladly giving rather than taking. Content with the journey provisions of Christ, and carefully attentive to his words, storing them away deep inside you, you kept His Passion before your eyes.

(2.2) Thus a deep and abundant peace was given to you all, and you had an insatiable desire to do good, and a full outpouring of the Holy Spirit was upon you all.

(2.3) Full of holy counsel, in great goodwill with godliness, you stretched out your hands to the Almighty God, beseeching him to be merciful if you had unknowingly sinned.

(2.4) You agonized day and night for the whole brotherhood to save the (full) number of His chosen ones in mercy and conscience.

(2.5) You were pure and innocent, and forgiving toward one another.

(2.6) Each rebellion and every schism was abominable to you. You grieved over the transgressions of your neighbors, judging their shortcomings your own.

(2.7) You never held back from any good deed, being eager for every good work.

(2.8) Adorned in a most excellent and honorable citizenship, you accomplished all in the fear of Him, the commandments and ordinances of the Lord being written on the tablets of your hearts.